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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Okay okay I know what you're thinking. We spend a little personal time together and then I don't blog again for almost a week.

Please don't feel rejected. It's not you , it's me.

But I do have an excuse. I wouldn't have been good company for the past couple of days. P.M.S. = a lot of laying about on the couch in my jammies crampy and crabby.

I know I promised everybody some lovely yarn & goodies that my Mom and I looted from the LYS but I'm just not up to all the picture taking today.

So instead, how about this? -

Scout has come up with the great idea of a yarn dying swap! Click on the button to check it out. You KNOW I'm going to sign up for this one. I've been dying to get dyeing for awhile now. And check out Scout's directions for making a warping board too. Endless yarn loops of fun!


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