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Monday, April 03, 2006

Awesome and thoughtful swap pal!

My Mystery Swap pal was Heather from Paperclips. I was totally psyched to get this:

She sent me some Peace Fleece in a pretty teal color. I've never even seen Peace Fleece in person before but I had wanted to try it. I think it wants to become a cabled hat or two. She also somehow (even though I didn't mention it on my questionaire) knw that I have a thing for bees. She sent me a gorgeous needle case (my first & only one!) which I think she made herself - she's super multi-talented. (Go see the things she makes on her blog - you'll see what I'm talking about. The gal can do anything I think!) I don't know if you can see it in the photo but the fabric has little tiny bees all over it. Love it! There was also a cute little mesh bag filled with stitch markers (now I can liberate the rest of mine from their dinky plastic bag prison), a really cool bookmark (love it!), some tea and a copy of Ready Made magazine (both of which my hubby claimed were his!!), some dark chocolate (definately not his!), and two mystery books. I have heard of Rita Mae Brown and also about Maise Dobbs - but mystery is not my usual fare so my vague memory was something like "those sound good - have to check them out sometime." - and now I can.

I really want to thank Heather. She did a fantastic job of coming up with things I would like - even though I'm sure I sounded really picky on my questionaire. I love the whole greeny - bluey color scheme. I saw the tealish color of the yarn, did the hold it up to my face to look at it with the hair (red) & eyes (blue) and thought "why don't I have more of this color?? It fabulous." :) I will be sure to show you guys when I get around to making something with it. (I hope everyone will show us what they make with their gift yarn - I'm sure the giver would be thrilled!)

So thank you thank you Heather! Whoever gets you for a partner in the next swap really lucked out!


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