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Thursday, April 06, 2006

In Which We Spend Some Personal Time Together...

I hardly ever respond to comments that are left on my blog with a personal email. I sometimes do, but not usually. I hope this doesn't offend anyone! Believe me, I read and smile/laugh/shake my head etc. at every comment that I get. And I greatly appreciate it when people take the time to leave me one. The reason I don't usually email someone back is mostly because I can't quite seem to figure out how to easily get the email address to respond to - I swear I knew how to do this once but it slipped through one of the gaping holes in my brain and now there's no getting it back.

Anyhow, I thought I would do some On the Needles "personal time" every now and then to answer all of your burning questions. So pull up a comfy chair, put on your grubby sweatpants (you know, the ones that give your tummy some breathing room), make yourself some tea and let's get started.

1:Wendi asks where I was on flash your stash day.

A: Well, Wendi, I was luking in blogland, keeping my head down and trying not to be noticed. I don't want to become famous for my humongous stash. Especially because it has grown since the last photo I took and is now spilling out of the closet and piling up along the wall. Someday I will take some more photos - perhaps just my sock yarn or just the boxes of Malabrigo - you know, show it in bits so it doesn't frighten anyone. You know, like my husband. The good news is I have an endless source for the prizes I get to giveaway over at KTC. :)

2: Not really a question, but both Karen and Chris noticed the Little House on the Prairie and Princess Diana videos/dvds that reside behind my knittin spot.

A: I admit I kinda did think twice about putting that info out there in public. I realize that I've already admitted on the blog to liking to knit to the soothing sounds of LHOTP and to my obsession re: Princess Diana, but it's so much scarier when you have visual evidence of my weirdness. I thought about cropping the photo to take out the dvds and thus (presumably) make myself appear more normal. But then I decided, hey, if I can't be weird on the internet....!! I guess I can only hope you will all love me in spite of myself. ;)

3: Again not a question but Jenni had the courage to own up to being a parakeet killer.

A: So I guess I also have to admit that I am lethal to parakeets as well. I had several as a child that all met with a premature end. Luckily my bad bird mojo seems limited to parakeets! (Fingers crossed!)

4: Also not really a question, but Carrie claims to be surprised that I didn't know Robert Sean Leonard was on House.

A: Protest all you like missy - I know you were tryin' to hog the RSL love! (LOL!) I think it's a given that ladies of a certain age still retain a small crush on RSL from The Dead Poets Society days. And therefore, the rules are, if RSL is to be had, you must share.

PS. No bogarting Hugh Laurie either! ;)

5: Carrie also asked if I would post some pictures of the tattoos I have done.

A: Well, my husband has two so I'll see if I can convince him to let me take some photos for the blog. :)

6: And Laura asked if I have any tattoos myself.

A: Yep I do. Six. Which is a lot or a little depending on if I'm on the east coast or in the south west. But I'm not telling what I have or where they are - not today anyway - I think the LHOTP & Princess Diana thing is enough freakyness for one post! (LOL)

My mom is in town and you regular readers know what that means...!! Yep, completely gratuitous stash enhancement!! Stay tuned for the results...


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