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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ana - I'm Proud of You!

These are photos of the "summer vacation" package that we sent to Ana in Ecuador.

Ana is very special to me. She's like a daughter that I have never met. She has such a great attitude and is so thoughtful and really takes her schooling seriously. I hope that she will go on to gain a higher education. I've told her to keep up the good work because I will help her with whatever she needs to continue her education.

Since sponsoring Ana and Jhonny (and now also Alison and Stefany) I have the impression that the Ecuadorian people must be quite friendly as a whole because all of my Ecuadorian sponsor children are super sweet.

If Ana could read my blog I would tell her that I love her, send her a big hug and tell her that I am so proud of her!

Ana's Income Generating Project is still on going over at Aura's House. While you are there check out Joey, Zoila and Nyslin's projects too. The project totals so far are:

Aura's House update:

Ana's Project: $1334/2770
Nyslin's Project: $244/550
Zoila's Project: $288/824
Joey's Project: $200/723
Lesly's Project: Completed!

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Anonymous Kristen said...

Hi Stefanie,

May I post a link from Ana's project on AH to this page on your blog? It's always nice for people to see more photos of her and learn more about you two.

Let me know and thankd.


12:15 PM  

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