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Monday, April 27, 2009

I Decided to Make it 18

Meet Stefany Valeria my 18th sponsor child.

18 is a much "rounder" number than 17 don't you think? (Yes, I know that 20 is even rounder than 18...don't give me any ideas!)

When I saw my little namesake something about her just spoke to me. That's the way it is sometimes. :)

She is nine years old and lives in Ecuador. My other three sponsor children in Ecuador have been so great that I was more than happy to add another. I think that Stefany is new to the CI program because this is the only picture in her account. My daughter saw her photo and said, "She is beautiful!" I think so too. :)

Stefany's situation is not as dire as many of my other sponsor children - at least as far as I can determine from the Children International report. She lives in a concrete (probably cinder block) house with a concrete floor and roof. They do have running water in the home but still have to use a community toilet. So I assume the water is only for the kitchen. They also have a portable gas stove for cooking and metal beds. So at least they aren't cooking over an open fire and sleeping on the floor like many of my other children.

Stefany shares her home with her mother Rosa and a one year old brother Edgar. Her father abandoned the family. But I assume she may have a step father since she has a much younger sibling. They get by on $180 a month.

I can't wait until I have a chance to exchange a few letters and get to know Stefany better!

In crafting news - I finished my Cobblestone and it got a great reception from Hubby. I'll have to get him to model it for some photos. The 90 degree weather we are having should make that pretty fun huh? ;) I always seem to finish up my sweater projects just in time for summer. Sigh.

I know I have been totally neglecting posting my FO's. I seriously have finished tons of things! The problem is getting photos taken of them. I don't have my own camera and Hubby always has some crazy funky lens on his or has it on some weird setting. That makes it hard to take photos while he is at work. I just don't have any spare brain space to devote to figuring out what is going on with Hubby's camera at any given moment. I am very much a point and shoot type gal. Maybe I just need my own camera. Something simple to use but that takes really good quality photos. Any suggestions??

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What a wonderful thing you do!

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