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Friday, April 03, 2009

Zoila's Birthday Gifts

Here's the latest update on the fund raising at Aura's House:

Ana's Project: $1056/2770
Nyslin's Project: $169/550
Zoila's Project: $190/824
Joey's Project: $137/723
Lesly's Project: $266/393 (only $127 left to raise!)

All of the totals have gone up and as you can see, Lesly's project is getting close to completion!

I also privately funded Hermelinda's special needs project this month. Her family lives in an isolated area in rural Guatemala so they wasn't a large enough community for them to feel like they could set up a sustainable Income Generating Project. I will share the pictures with you when I get them in a month or so.

Right now, here are the most recent photos I have of Zoila. Her project still has a way to go before all of the money is raised.

Zoila is the smaller girl with the shy smile. I'm not sure who the other girl is - probably a cousin. I sent Zoila a gift of some money for her birthday recently and these are the photos I got back showing me what had been purchased. Zoila turned eleven on her last birthday. She always seems younger to me in her photos because she looks like such a petite little thing.

It looks like she was able to buy some clothing items, a chair and a foam mattress. I'm always happy to see mattresses purchased because I don't like the idea of children sleeping on the ground with nothing soft to lay on.

Speaking of bed... I'm off to lay back down. I feel like I might be coming down with the flu or something because I'm achy all over. I think that it is probably actually just the effects of the weather lately. When it goes up and down, from sunny, warm and dry to gloomy, cold and wet and then back again - well I get to feeling achy. Anyone else get like this?

Ugh. A pox on this weather! (Old fashionedy curses work the best in these situations, don'tcha think?)

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