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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet Ana

Meet Ana!

I know that my regular blog readers have already been introduced to Ana, one of my sponsor children from Ecuador. But I thought I would post little "features" on each of the children (Ana, Nyslin, Joey, Zoila and Lesly) who I am raising funds for at Aura's House. I have lots of pictures you haven't yet seen! :)

Ana's Income Generating Project is the largest one on Aura's House right now. We are trying to raise funds so that her father Luis (who is disabled) can work from home. Luis has skills as an electrician so the money raised will be used to set up an in home workshop where he will be able to repair small electronics.

Ana - in the pink top - stands outside her home in Ecuador with her siblings Jennifer (13), Adriana (7) and Daniel (5). Adriana still needs a sponsor.

One of the key elements that we are raising funds for is a special chair for Ana's father. This chair will accommodate his handicap and make it possible for him to sit comfortably while working. Having a way to support his family will be a huge self-esteem booster for Luis. We estimate that his work will be able to double the family income.

Ana with her siblings and her father Luis.

Ana's family currently has about $100 a month on which to live. Her mother works as a maid so she has to spend long hours away from home. She is the only wage earner in the family.

Ana looks like this photo caught her by surprise! :)

Ana is truly like a daughter to me. I have high hopes for her future. She is so smart and works so hard at her studies! Recently Ana was rewarded for her good grades - she was chosen to be the standard bearer for her school at a festival. It's clear that Ana is well aware that a good education is her best pathway to a brighter future. I do all I can to encourage her to dream big and work towards her goals.

Doesn't Ana have just the brightest smile?

I am so thrilled that Ana's project has launched at Aura's House! I often think about the day when she will receive word that the money has been raised. She doesn't even know that it is happening now! What a great surprise it will be for her whole family. I know how thankful she will be and how excited.

I want to say a huge huge thank you to anyone who has donated to any of the projects!

Here is an update on the fund raising progress (current funds first and goal funds second):

Ana's Project: $396/$2770
Nyslin' Project: $115/550
Zoila's Project: $15/824
Joey's Project: $97/723
Lesly's Project: $55/393

I also wanted to mention that the totals are updated about once a week. So if you do donate and don't see your donation reflected right away - don't worry! Just check back in at Aura's House in a few days or right here and you will see the numbers go up. :)


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