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Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet Nyslin

Nyslin's photo from 2007 when I began to sponsor her. I couldn't resist that toothless grin!

Little Nyslin is another of my sponsor kids currently featured over at Aura's House. Nyslin is seven and a half and lives in Guatemala.

Here she is outside of her house:

Nyslin is the little girl in the brown dress on the left. Her mother is in the back holding baby Carlos. Miriam is her older sister and Marvin is the little boy in the middle. Of Nyslin's siblings, only Marvin has a sponsor. There is also a new baby boy named Angel that was born after this photo was taken.

Nyslin is just full of sunshine. She doesn't write her own letters to me yet. Usually a relative writes them for her. But she always ends her letters with a "strong hug and many kisses". She addresses me as her "dear Godmother". Nyslin is a typical little girl who loves dolls and playing with her friends.

Nyslin and her family outside of their home in Guatemala. A typical huge Nyslin smile!

Nyslin's family gets by on only about $115 dollars a month. Her father Carlos is a daily laborer which means that his income is probably inconsistent. Their family home has one bedroom and a kitchen where they cook over an open fire. They are lucky in that their home is constructed of concrete and has a concrete floor. The roof is of corrugated metal. They also have running water and a toilet - something that many of my sponsor kids don't have.

Nyslin 11-08
Nyslin with some photos and postcards that we sent her last year.

It's obvious though that Nyslin doesn't have much in the way of personal possessions. She is almost always wearing her brown dress in the pictures I have of her.

Nyslin 11-08

Nyslin really enjoyed getting the postcards of animals that we sent her and a Spanish language book about animal that I found.

The next two photos are of Nyslin on her birthday last year with the things that we sent her. It's obvious that the clothes are way too big for her. (Drat! But at least her older sister will wear them and then Nyslin will get them as hand me downs later on.) I had no idea how tiny Nyslin is until I saw these photos. It's so cute how they sat her on the table like a little doll!

The teddy bear we sent is almost as big as Nyslin herself!

Nyslin's Income Project is for her mother Vicenta, to raise chickens. She has some experience with this in the past so she thinks that she can make a success of it. It will also enable her to work in the home and not have to leave her children unattended.

Another bright smile from my little Nyslin.

And now an update on the project totals from Aura's House!

Ana's Project: $456/2770
Nyslin's Project: $135/550
Zoila's Project: $60/824
Joey's Project: $117/723
Lesly's Project: $75/393

All of the totals have gone up this week! Thank you!!!!!

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