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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cobblestone Pullover and Hermelinda*

*Aka: I hate trying to come up with clever blog post titles.

So last night I finished up the knitting on a Cobblestone sweater for my Hubby. I just have to kitchener the underarms and weave in the rest of the ends. So I'll be all done by tomorrow probably. I really like the sweater and want to knit one by myself but I'm a bit put off by the wraps on the short rows. I can do them just fine when I am knitting traditional stockinette but something about the garter stitch in the round seems to be throwing me off. The problem is not doing the wraps themselves - that I get! - but what to do with them on the next row...the whole picking up the wraps thing. I followed the instructions in the back of the magazine and think I understand what they want me to do - but the results aren't so pretty. Am I just being overly picky (it's been known to happen...) or is there something I don't get about the technique or some mysterious tip that would help them look better?? Helps!!

I used Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran - sadly discontinued but I literally have bags and bags of it. I used "Muffin" which is almost the same shade as the Brooklyntweed original. I love Yorkshire Tweed. The colors are so awesome and it is just so woolly. I admit it's sometimes not so fun to knit with though. Knitting it straight out of the skein/ball is a pain. It loves to stick to itself and tangle up which slows me down. I finally re-wound the skeins into "cakes" and it helped the problem some. The yarn is also rather rough and will give you rope burn if you knit for any length of time. It's also heavy and hard on the wrists when you have a whole sweater on the needles all at once! But still - I do love it. :)

Has anyone tried the girly version of Cobblestone? (I forget the name of the pattern but I know it's around here somewhere...*rummages around*) Thoughts?

And for your amusement (because I hate posting without photos)...here are some photos of Hermelinda that I somehow never posted when I got them last year.

She is doing her typical Hermelinda pose, looking like she is in hostage negotiations. (You know where they make the hostage hold up the current newspaper to prove that they are still alive...)

I think she's adorable whether she smiles or not, but it had become a personal mission to actually see her smile.

Thanks again Steve!!

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Blogger Chris said...

Alas, I don't know enough about picking up stitches for SRs to be much help - I always think it doesn't look right. Maybe there's a Cobblestone knitalong on Rav you could ask? Or where it's already been discussed?

9:31 PM  

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