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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jhonny's Income Generating Project

Yesterday I showed you Hermelinda's story of poverty. It's depressing and sad and as of yet has no clear solution.

Now let me give you some good news! One poor family now has a new source of income, thanks in part to my blog readers!

These are the photos I got of Jhonny's Income Generating Project that I funded through the proceeds of the stash sale I held a few months ago. So if you bought some yarn from me, take a look and see what I did with that money. And pat yourself on the back - you helped give a whole family great hope for their future!

Children International calls these Income Generating Projects. I think they should call them Hope Generating Projects!

Jhonny shows off the new equipment that will enable his family to start their own business. Jhonny was especially grateful for the new refrigerator. He wrote:

"I am happy for your help...We didn't have a freezer and now thanks to you we have one to keep the chicken and the sausages, so that they don't go bad and we don't have to ask our neighbor to keep them for us as we used to."

Can you imagine not having a refrigerator?

Jhonny's mother Fanny was so happy about her new kitchen equipment! She told the field workers that she would "seize the opportunity to to do her best and to be able to support her children in the best way possible". She said:

"I didn't expect this, it is a big surprise for me and I want to thank the sponsor for all the support Jhonny receives. God bless you!"

In addition to the new fridge, Jhonny's family also bought some large cooking pots, a fryer and a propane tank to run the fryer. Jhonny told the field workers:

"My siblings and I will keep helping my mother in everything we can. This is very important to us and I would like to tell my sponsor that we will never forget this. Thank you so much for caring for my family and me."

Check out that fryer!! That thing kicks ass!! Jhonny's IGP plan is for his mother to cook foods such as french fries and fried chicken which they plan to sell at sporting events. I think it's a great idea! It's almost guaranteed to be a success. And it will allow Jhonny's mother Fanny to work from home which is important since she has eight boys to care for. (I'll bet the boys are really enjoying all the fresh food and cold drinks from the fridge and the french fries as well!)

Jhonny wrote:

"These things will serve for us to prepare food to sell. Delicious french fries with sausages to sell!"

Jhonny with his mother Fanny, his twin Joe David and his step-father Pedro. They all look really happy. Jhonny says:

"The money will be used for our education and the family's expenses."

The field workers also emphasized that Jhonny's parents have the goal of saving money for their children's schooling. I think that's fantastic!

Jhonny is twelve years old and lives in Ecuador. His family income is up to $200 a month. I think that is showing a small increase already and will probably get even higher once they really get under way with this business.

Jhonny wrote:

"My mom says she is very grateful and that God bless you and your family always. Thank you so much! God bless you and big hugs to you."

Jhonny and I always say "big hugs" to each other. He's such a sweetheart. I hope I can meet him and his family someday. Jhonny often tells me he very much wishes that we will meet each other someday.

Jhonny with his brothers in 2008. Only two of his other brothers have sponsors, Jhonny's twin Joe David (behind Jhonny in the white shirt) and Anthony (in front on the left). I'd love to find a sponsor for his four year old brother Jhon Michael. He is the little boy in the center of the picture wearing overalls and sitting next to Jhonny. This is a really close, wonderful family and it's been a great experience getting to know them.

Now I am looking forward to the next report which will let me know how their business is going. I've also asked Jhonny to tell me all about it in his next letter. I'll share that with you whenever I get an update.

I'll end this post with a quote from American writer Albert Pine:

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.
-Albert Pine

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