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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Big Stash Yarn Sale - All Up!


I have finished posting the remaining yarn that I have ready to sell right now. To make it easier on me (and hopefully everyone else) I have combined all the sale yarn into one big post. So look for the new stuff at the bottom.

Thank you to everyone who has reserved yarn so far! I'm excited starting to think about the next income generating project I can get going for the sponsor kids!! :)


Ok - here we go. I have finally started to attempt to get the craft room under control. You know, so I can actually go in there and craft. :) So, I will be posting yarn and knitting books for sale here over the next however many days. I am hoping to use the money I raise to fund some of the income generating or special needs projects for my sponsor kids in time for Christmas. I'd also like to get this stuff sold and shipped before the Christmas mailing rush because I (actually probably poor Hubby) don't want to stand in long post office lines.

Now for all the "business":

Default shipping will be by priority mail either in one of the envelopes or the boxes, whichever the yarn will fit in. If there is a cheaper way I will try to find it (but I will have to charge a small amount for the padded envelopes or boxes I will have to buy so it usually ends up being about the same as priority anyway.)

If you would like any of the yarn please email me to let me know. My email addy is in the sidebar in the upper right. Please tell me your shipping address so I can figure out the shipping. Payment is by Paypal only please. I will send you a payment request. I will try to ship within two days of payment.

Non-smoking home. No cats. I do have dogs but they aren't allowed in the craft room.

Oh & please do me a big favor and let your blog readers know I am having a sale. I've tried to make the prices fair and I've got a big selection of stuff coming. Thank you!!

So - here we go!

4 skeins of Shadyside Farms Studios. 185 yard each. This is a naturally dyed worsted wool. I think it would make a fabulous felted bag! Wound into cakes but never used. Originally $13 each. This set $30

5 skeins Lion Brand Wool Ease in Navy. $8

2 skeins of Reynolds Utopia in White #111. Really soft! $6

3+ skeins of Reynolds Utopia in "Gryffindor" Gold #176. One skein has some yardage used. This is the yarn everyone uses to make the Harry Potter scarves. Really soft! $9

3+ skeins of Reynolds Utopia in "Gryffindor" Burgundy #187. One skein has some yardage used. This is the yarn everyone uses to make the Harry Potter scarves. Really soft! $9

10 skeins Katia Dolby. 137 yards each. Color 522. Really pretty ribbon style yarn. $40

2 huge skeins of an unlabeled worsted weight wool & mohair (?). I don't know...it's slightly hairy. I don't know how much there is in these skeins yardage wise but it's alot! $10 RESERVED FOR BETTY

3 skeins Dalegarn Falk in Black #090. 100% wool superwash. 116 yards per skein. $12

2 skeins Dalegarn Falk in Green #0184. 100% wool superwash. 116 yards per skein. $8

3 skeins Dalegarn Falk in Pink #0144. 100% wool superwash. 116 yards per skein. $12

4 large skeins of unlabled Hand Dyed Chenille Yarn. I think there is probably at least 150 yards per skein but that is just a guess. Worsted weight. $15

8+ skeins of Plymouth Cotton Worsted in color 6423. 83 meters each. $15

1 skein Kiparoo Farms Luster Spun 100% wool. 165 yards. Worsted weight. Would look great with the other Kiparoo Farms yarns listed. I was picturing a wrap or throw.

2 skeins Kiparoo Farms Evening Myst. Wool and Mohair. 165 yards each. Originally $16 each. Worsted. Nice & soft & beautiful colors. $10

4 skeins of Kiparoo Farms Lacy Loops Hand Dyed Mohair. 100 yards each. This stuff is beautiful!! And so soft. $20

3 skeins Briggs and Little Regal in "Horizon Blue" #52. 100% wool. 272 yards each. Worsted weight. I think this would be great for felting. $10


1 skein Twisted sock yarn in "Regiment". Organic stripes style. Superwash. 480 yards. $15


1 skein Twisted sock yarn in colorway "Burn". Organic Stripes style. Superwash. 480 yards. $15

1 skein Twisted yarn in "Batty". Fat Stripes style. Superwash merino. Light worsted weight. 240 yards. $15

1 skein Celia's Basket sock yarn in "Painter's Palette". 350 meters. $12

1 skein Mama E's sock yarn in "Mermaids". 100% merino. $12

1 skein Little Projects yarn. 440 yards. 100% merino. Heavy sock weight. This would make great sock for the guy in your life. $15 RESERVED FOR BETTY

9 skeins of Universal Deluxe Worsted 100% wool. Very soft! 220 yards each. Originally $12 each. $40

10 skeins of Brown's Sheep Nature Spun in Charcoal, Pepper and Snow. 100% wool worsted weight. 245 yards each. $45

5 skeins of an unlabeled wool (sort of hairyish) worsted. Hand dyed. $20

5 skeins of an unlabeled Thick and Thin type wool. Bulky weight. $20

10 skeins Jojoland Rhythm in color M13. Worsted weight. 110 yards each. $25

10 skeins Jojoland Rhythm in color M32. Worsted weight. 110 yards each. This color is so pretty! $25

Lauryn Waistcoat kit from Rowan containing 4 skeins of All Seasons Cotton Sh192. 98 yards each. $25

Rowan Dolly Bag Kit containing 2 skeins of Rowan Handknit Cotton. $8

1 huge skein of unlabeled Hand Dyed Cotton Laceweight. Gorgeous subtle colorway. $15

9+ skeins of Schachenmayr Princess in color #42 - a pretty lavender. (I swatched with one skein and then frogged it. The yardage is all there but I am only counting this as 9 skeins since I did swatch with the one.) Ribbon type yarn. 125 meters each. $25

10 skeins Schachenmayr Punto. 90 meters each. This is a 50/50 cotton & acrylic yarn. DK weight. $20

10 skeins of Schachenmayr Rainbow in #70. 105 meters each. I love this colorway! $30

10 skeins of Gedifra Fashion Friend Astrakhan in color 4701. This is a boucle yarn. 50 meters each. Worsted to bulky weight. (Originally $9 each) My price $60

1 skein of Lucky Duck Farms Sock Yarn in "Mango Madness". 100% merino handwash. 440 yards. Wound into a cake but never used. $12



Blogger Channon said...

Oh, I must have that purple Melody Jojoland (below Dianne)!!!!!! I hope I'm not too late...

I don't know how up-to-date my Blogger profile is, so feel free to email me at chan.moore@gmail.com

10:59 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

I was really trying to not add to my stash because I have been knitting at a glacially slow pace, but some of what you have is irresistible. I'll be sending you an e-mail shortly...

11:51 AM  
Blogger Heather M said...

I will post this up on my blog. I have a sale going on, too (hint, hint). I don't do any kind of anything with yarn, but I'll be sure to pass the word on.

5:05 PM  

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