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Monday, September 01, 2008

New Yearly Photo of Carla

This is the first picture we had of Carla. In fact, it's the only one we have ever had of Carla since I think she had just joined the Children International Program when we sponsored her.

Those cheeks are hard to resist huh?

Today we got our updated photo of Carla. She is five and a half years old now.

She's so cute! And so much bigger! We were very happy to get this new photo because Carla is the sponsor child we know the least about. We know she lives in Chile and has an older brother. And on a recent updated family report we were delighted to learn that her monthly income has risen to $380! That makes her far and away the "richest" of our sponsor kids. Good for them! But that's pretty much all we know about her. Carla is too young to write her own letters and her mother tends to write very short (maybe three sentences) letters. Mostly we just hear that she is being good, is healthy and thankful for our help. It's frustrating that our relationship with Carla and her family doesn't seem to progress beyond that point. I think building a relationship between the sponsor and the child is very important - it's what makes Children International's sponsorship program the best in my opinion! - and it also is the best way to know how specifically to assist each child. So I hope that our relationship with Carla is able to grow in the future. Maybe when she can write her own letters it will. :)

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