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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


As if on cue yesterday's mail brought me two letters from my sponsor kids! We had sent birthday packages to Mary Joy (one of my son's special sponsor kids) in the Philippines and also to Hermelinda in Guatemala and they replied to thank us for the gifts.

Mary Joy turned twelve. She has the neatest handwriting I have ever seen! She writes her letters to me in English and says she loves school. Her letter had four photos in it! Yay! She was wearing the t-shirt I had picked out for her - it fit and looked so pretty! I was relieved that it fit her properly.

Little Hermelinda just tuned six. She is so adorable! I love this picture of her. She looks like she is so unimpressed with having her photo taken. Her expression is just so real. I've seen this same look on my daughter - when she is a little tired and we insist on taking her picture anyway. Precious! Hermelinda calls me her Godmother and always sends a "strong hug" in her letters. She is too young to write herself so I have gotten letters written by her mother, uncle and even a neighbor. It makes me feel good to think that she has all these people around her to help her out.

Hermelinda's letter included two new photos of her. She is so tiny and her hair is quite bleached out by the sun. Adorable!

I'll have to scan some of these letters and pictures to show you guys. The kids always illustrate their letters with drawings that are very sweet. You have to see the letters to get the full effect. :)

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Blogger Mary said...

I've really been enjoying these updates. It sounds like such a great program and you're making such a difference in these kids' lives. Thanks!

2:24 PM  

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