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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


We got an updated photo of our sponsor kid Jester! I'm so thrilled! We were so happy to see a little smile on his face. :)

Damon at Children International was also kind enough to email me these photos of Jester that were taken for the waiting child presentation that CI did about Jester.

Jester goes to school four days a week and spends the rest of his days working however he can to help earn his family a little money. He carries coconut lumber to building sites, he plants grass in neighbors yards, he weaves abaca fibers into rope (for which he earns 2 Philippine Pesos for every kilo of rope). He also sells candies and pastries which his Grandmother makes. Generally Jester does what he can to help out. What a great kid! I'm so happy to be his sponsor.

It's hard to imagine my own son working for the family like Jester does. Even though they are the same age, their life experience is so different in some ways.

My son is really hoping to go visit his special sponsor kids in the Philippines someday. Wouldn't that be awesome?

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Blogger Damon said...

Hey, Stephanie.

Jester's new photo looks great. It sure beats a photo special from Sears! Thanks to Ethan for sponsoring him.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Deron said...

Hi there Stephanie. I didn't realize Damon had sent photos. Very nice.

In my experience, the Filipinos are an incredibly generous and kind people. I truly hope you and your son get the chance to visit Jester some time. Almsot without exception, sponsors say that visiting their child is a life-changing experience...no words or photos can quite match the experience of seeing it for yourself.

Keep up the kind work!


2:41 PM  

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