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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

More photos of Carla

I've got some still photos to share of Steve's visit with Carla in Chile.

This is the first group of children Steve met in Chile - Kevin (sponsored by Jo I think) and Jo's other sponsor kids three year old twins Martina and Monserrat (which is which I do not know) and of course my Carla and her mother Margarita.

Steve with Carla and Margarita and me in a "Flat Stephanie" version. :)

A beautiful candid shot of Carla. She looks exactly like an angel. Probably one of my favorite photos ever of any of my sponsor kids.

Carla and "Flat Stephanie". Carla has the most beautiful almond shaped eyes and eyebrows a super model can only pray for. Seriously, how can I get eyebrows like that??

Carla and Margarita. Carla is the only person I know with hair longer than mine. :)

Robyn asked about my plans for Carla's IGP. I do hope to make Carla's IGP my next Firstgiving project. I probably won't receive the info from Children International for another month but it will work out alright because my next project is scheduled for the #20 slot and we are still raising funds for #11 & #12. I only hope that the project comes in under the $500 mark. If not I will probably try to pay the extra amount myself.

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