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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Video of Carla in Chile

Steve has posted his videos of our group's sponsor children in Chile. I think he ended up meeting about 8 or so of them. Of my two Chilean children, Javiera didn't show up (I rather expected that). However, Carla did show up and she was totally adorable!

In this video Carla says Hello! to her Madrina (Godmother/Sponsor) and tells me that she likes to get my letters which her mother Margarita reads to her. She says she is going to school to learn to read and write and that she will write a letter to me soon. Steve asks when she thinks she might be able to write to me herself and Carla's mother answers that it's been going slow but Carla is learning to write and hopes to be able to write in a few months. Right now Margarita writes Carla's letters for her.

I think it's so funny how the sponsor kids all seem to lose their minds the minute they are expected to "deliver a message" on camera. I think their minds just go completely blank and then the moms step in and prompt them on what to say. Carla doesn't have any trouble once she gets started though. At one point, Margarita suggests that Carla say "Don't forget me!" and Carla gives her a totally skeptical look. Carla knows darn good and well I'd never forget her! :)

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