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Monday, June 29, 2009

Make a Change

Heather, from the sponsor group I belong to, has created a website for our fund raising activities called Make a Change. The website is in rough form right now but will be added to over the coming days. You can find links to all of our current fund raising projects as well as updates (when they come in!) that will follow the progress of the projects we have funded.

Right now we are funding our 11th project - split into two parts! These are for two children that will soon be graduating from the Children International program. We are hoping to give the children Angelito and Jhonalyn a graduation gift that will cover some of their special needs.

Heather also has a large project running on Aura's House for her sponsor child Diego in Columbia. He has some special medical needs and has lost both of his parents to disease. He is currently being raised by his grandmother. Heather is trying to raise funds for Diego's medical care and also to provide household and educational needs. She also hopes to set up Diego's grandmother in an Income Generating Project. Heather is offering a Zune as a raffle prize to people who donate to the project - so go check it out!

One of the other sponsors from our group, Su also has a project up for her child Gema in Guatemala. Su is raising funds to give Gema some much needed household furniture.

Last but not least - my dear Ana and Zoila still have their projects going at Aura's House. Ana's project is over halfway at $1599/$2770 needed. Don't forget the Hexagon Blanket I'm offering to one lucky donor when the project is funded. Ana's family desperately needs the second income which her father Luis could earn by being able to uses his skills as an electrician. Ana's project will buy Luis the tools he needs to have a home workshop. He is unable to work outside the home due to his disability.

Zoila's project has hit the halfway mark as well - $425/$824. Hooray!! The Honduras is undergoing some political upheaval right now that makes it even more urgent to help Zoila's family have their own business raising chickens. The more self sufficient Zoila's family can be, the less they will be effected by the governmental turmoil.

So there you have it. We're working everyday to Make a Change!

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Anonymous Kristen said...

Hi Stephanie,

I just updated project totals at Aura's House from the spreadsheet Greg sent us last night. We're still waiting on Mike's employer, Bank of America to add 400-500 dollars to Ana's project. That should show up soon. Current total for Ana is: $1632 raised so far and $515 raised so far for Zoila with "Nugget's" donation to show up in next week's spreadsheet. :-)
Getting there!

5:33 AM  

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