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Monday, July 06, 2009

Video of Carla in Chile #3

Oh yes she can! In this video Carla's mother reads her the letter I sent. Afterwards she asks Carla what she would like to say back to me. Carla takes a deep breath, prepares to speak and .... her mind goes blank. LOL! At the end Carla makes a kissy face and sends me a "beso y abrazo" - a kiss and a hug! Her little voice saying "ciao" - too sweet.

I'm slowly learning some Spanish from reading my letters from my sponsor children. I always read the original letter in Spanish before I read the translation. I am now able to go to Chile, Ecuador, Honduras and Guatemala and ask anyone for hugs and kisses and thank them for writing me a letter. :) Fortunately several paople in my family actually are fluent in Spanish so if/when I visit my sponosr kids I will drag one of them along.

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