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Monday, July 06, 2009

Video of Carla in Chile #5

I love this video - Carla is with the other children and their mothers in the room that the field office workers had set up as a little party for the children. They had balloons and cookies and a drink that I think was milky coffee. I love how Carla is on her best behavior, sitting so properly and sipping her drink like a perfect little lady. So precious!!

Here's what Steve had to say about Carla:

What a doll! Too cute for words. She certainly recognized Stephanie from her photos and her Mom read her the letter she got. She could audition for a child acting part and steal the show.

I have to admit that Carla is the one sponsor child that I chose because I instantly loved her little face. I was looking for a child to sponsor in Chile and Carla was "the one". :)

I hope to have an updated estimate from Children International in a few weeks for an Income Generating Project for Carla and her family. Their original idea was to fix up a room in their home and run a small general store selling household items and personal hygiene products. I think it's a great idea, especially since it would allow Carla's mother to earn an income while staying at home and taking care of the house and children. I think many mothers would jump at that opportunity. :) Apparently there is no such store in their area so it would be convenient for the people of the community and hopefully therefore a success. So, we will soon see if that is still the plan and how much money I will need to raise.

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Blogger Robyn said...

Hi Stephanie! Yes, it was Timmy in all the photos wearing a few of his new outfits. I have no idea what Monde is sitting on- I would guess some kind of cooking item? Perhaps flour? She is so so cute. I noticed her clothes are quite dirty in this picture... maybe in the future I will make a larger donation for all his siblings to get a new clothing item or two as well. I'm unsure if any of them are sponsored. I would imagine at least one other is.

Thanks for the advice on Gideon- I have been doing the one question thing- sometimes he has answered, but sometimes he hasn't. I think I just haven't hit the right question yet... I think next I will ask about sports and see how that one goes!

Also, I did watch the videos of little Carla. She is such a sweet little thing! Are you planning on doing a First Giving project for her IGP? I think their general store from home idea is fantastic!

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