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Monday, July 06, 2009

Video of Carla in Chile #4

In this video Steve gets the whole group of children and their mothers to say "Hello!" to their sponsors. This was the "first wave" of kids that Steve met - another bunch came to the sponsor center a little later.

Yesterday my father said that every time he mentions my sponsorship he gets the response that essentially it must be a scam. There aren't really any kids and even if there are they aren't really getting any money/help. Sigh. I'm getting pretty sick of that response from people. I've got literally hundreds of photos and hundreds of letters from my sponsor children. Every single one is an individual that I am privileged to have gotten to know. They are all different, some are silly and happy, some more serious, some write funny letters, some put alot of effort into making drawings for me and every single one of them is getting medical and dental care, food, clothing and help with education that they would not otherwise be able to have at all. Every single one of them is a treasured friend of mine. From little Alison who just turned three all the way up to Glenn who is a grown up of fourteen, they all teach me so much about life and compassion and love and just how to be a human being. I only hope they get as much out of their relationship with me! :)

So I'll get down off my soapbox now and end by saying that I feel sorry for people who maintain that kind of attitude. I don't blame them for some initial suspicion - believe me I did my homework before choosing to support Children International. I'm not parting with my money lightly! But if you live your life hiding your head in the sand and not getting out there and seeing what can be done, what you can do to contribute...well, to me that seems like a real waste. It's not living up to your potential as a human being...

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