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Monday, May 11, 2009

Video of Hermelinda

I (hopefully) figured out how to embed video on the blog.

So here are some videos of one of my little Guatemalan girls, Hermelinda. "Super Sponsor" Steve took these videos for me last month when he visited his own sponsor kids in Guatemala.

The first video is of Hermelinda (in the pink shirt) and her family at the Children International center in Guatemala. Hermelinda was too shy to smile or wave at the camera. Plus it looks like she was given a lolipop and I doubt she wanted to let go of that long enough to smile. :)

This is video of Hermelinda's family in the van on the way to her home. Hermelinda is still overwhelmed by all the attention. And the CI field worker keeps urging her to smile "or else your sponsor will be sad". Poor Hermelinda! I hope she doesn't think I'm disappointed with her. I think she is adorable with or without a smile.

This video is of Hermelinda's family home. I think the video gives a much better idea of what the situation is really like. My poor kid lives in a level of poverty I've never seen in real life (and I've been to some seriously poor areas in the USA). I'd like to say a big thank you to all the sponsors who have expressed an interest in helping Hermelinda. It means so much to me!

I am waiting for word from Children International about plans to improve Hermelinda's situation. I'll update you all as soon as I hear anything.

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