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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jester's Summer Package

Other than his new yearly photo - these are the most recent photos that we have of Jester. I got these about two months ago.

We sent him (along with all the other sponsor kids) a package of things we picked up on our summer vacation last year.

The package included family photos, books about animals, postcards of the places we went, stickers and other little things of that nature. Each package for each sponsor kid was slightly different based on their age and gender.

In Jester's package we included a necklace - a leather cord with a lion pendant that was carved out of stone. I thought that the lion really suited Jester's personality. The lion's symbolism of courage just struck me as fitting for him.

Jester especially liked the necklace and singled it out as his favorite item. We tried to include something individualized in each child's package. Even though we have 18 sponsor kids I don't want to relate to them on an assembly line level! Many people ask me how I can "keep track" of all of them. I actually find it easy to do. Once you get to know the kids then it is easy to see how individual they all are.

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