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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now that I'm Net-Famous...

You can all say you "knew me when". ;)

Our interview with Children International came out today. I know that for most knitters this news is a pale second to the debut of the summer Knitty - but it's got to be a good sign that both things happened on the same day right?

I promise that I will try to keep my new found net-fame from going to my head. But you'll probably never be able to tell the difference since I am already a difficult-to-live-with Diva. :)

I've had lots of nice comments and emails about the interview already. I thank everyone who has dropped me a line! It's so nice to hear from other people who are enjoying their sponsor kids as much as I enjoy mine. I am super mega jealous of the people who have had the chance to travel to meet their sponsor kids in person!

I recently got word that our Mother's Day donations have reached the kids and Jester and Harry's families have both had the chance to go shopping. Zoila's family will be going soon. I can't wait to get the reports and pictures!

I also got a new photo of Javiera today!

This is our first photo:

And this is the one we got today:

Javiera is from Chile. She is five years old. She lives with her Mother (who is a street vendor as so many of the parents are), her younger brother, Grandmother and several of her cousins. Javiera's mother reports that Javiera is "naughty" by which I think she means that Javiera is lively and full of mischief. Personally I like a spunky gal so I was happy to hear that. Javiera's family is very close and all the cousins love playing together.

I also recently got a list from Children International of all the siblings of my sponsor kids who still need sponsors. I'm trying to make a special effort to find sponsors for these kids. If you have thought about sponsoring but haven't yet then this might be a good option because I could point you in the direction of some wonderful families that I already know are really committed to having their kids in the CI program. If anyone is interested please email me - my address is in the sidebar - and I will get it all set up for you.

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Blogger Andrea said...

Great blog! I love hearing about other people's sponsored kids, so I hope you keep sharing! (I found you through the eNews article. :) Congrats on your net-fame.)

5:22 PM  
Blogger Papirkurven said...

I actually discovered your blog throug the CI-newsletter! But it was fun to see we have more things in common:)

You are now on my RSS-feed, so I can keep my eye on your activities:)

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Efrain said...

I knew about your blog through the CI blog and added it to my reader. I would be happy to sponsor another kid, but my current circumstances don't allow it. I cannot even visit CI website to avoid the temptations to sponsor another child. I hope my circumstances to get better soon. But I'm trying my best to avoid dropping my sponsored kids. I know I'll regret it.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Very cool!

9:25 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Hi! I'm wondering what link goes to your interview? I think your 'childreninternational.org' hypertext link has been taken over by an 'ad'..just to let you know or it's on my computer. ANYWAY, what wonderful stuff...so do the kids go to a certain place and able to get services because of childrens international? That is great...so nice to use your blog in this way :) I finally went to your flickr acct and saw all your wonderful dog pictures! They are all so cute in their unique ways!

11:56 AM  

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