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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Skull Illusion Scarf

I finally took some photos, so now it's time for some FO's!

The Skull Illusion Scarf, all finished except for the fringe:

The Stats:

The Pattern: from Ysolda.me.uk

The Yarn: exactly one skein each of Brown Sheep Nature Spun in "Pepper" #601W and "Snow" #740

The Needles: because the pattern is only something like 30 stitches I decided to knit this one on something called "straight needles". Have you heard of these? They don't have a flexible cable between them! Weird, huh? ;) Seriously, it has been so long since I have knit on anything except my Addit Turbo circs - it was a totally different experience knitting this on Crystal Palace Bamboo needles size 6.

What I learned: I love Crystal Palace Bamboo needles but I was surprised at how much the change of needles affected the tension in my knitting. I found that my knitting was even looser than before! I did the Alien Illusion Scarf on size 7's and thought that for the Skulls I should go down yet another needle size in order to get a slightly tighter fabric. But I think that the change of needle type may have defeated this experiment. :(

Skulls hiding.

The action shot.

Illusion knitting = super easy and fun. There will definately be more in my future. In fact I'm supposed to be casting on for the Shadow Shawl today but we will see if that actually happens...


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