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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Harry Potter Scarf

And Harry Potter, the scarf.

Here it is, finally fringed:

The Stats:

The Pattern: Harry Potter scarf in Gryffindor colors from Knit Atypically

The Yarn: Reynolds Utopia 187 (Maroon) & 176 (Maize), can't remember how much I needed but it was more than the pattern suggested

The Needles: Addi Turbo circs size 5

What I Learned: Fringing takes forever but for some reason I don't mind doing it. I added one fringe per end more than what the pattern suggested. It just worked out looking best that way on my scarf. This scarf was ginormous! It took forever to knit and my hands started to hate going around and around on size 5 needles but this was great vacation knitting (I did this on Christmas vacation) because it required no concentration and left my mind free to chat with my family while my hands kept right on knitting.

I occasionally look at this scarf & think I would like to knit another, possibly the Azkaban pattern but then I remember how long it took and my courage fails me. I think I will modify the pattern to child size and make a couple for the kiddos but the friggin huge adult size will have to wait!

In other Harry Potter news - Nimbus and Myrtle have four eggs! I will try to get a photo. I don't know if they eggs are hatchable or not and they haven't started brooding them yet so it looks like they plan to lay a few more. Godric has plans for the other nestbox and I think Minerva is his lady of choice so all is well in the little birdie kingdom. :)


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