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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cool Photos My Hubby Takes #2

Click to get the full effect.

This is a drip of water from our kitchen sink. You can see our back splash tiles reflected in the big drops. Cool!

In crafty news I have crocheted all the skeins I have on hand for the square target blanket so it is on to the sewing. I've been procrastinating in the sewing a little bit because I have been crocheting all the sock yarn scraps into one large square. I arranged all the scrap skeins in the order I wanted to use them and sort of figured I had better just go ahead and get them worked in before I forget what that order was! The square has gotten a little big to be my traveling project anyway. :)

So - I've got to get my next project on board! I started looking at my Ravelry queue to see what to do next. I'm still really into blankets. I do want to finish the Cobblestone Pullover but the thought of working with Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in 90 degree weather isn't too appealing! I really want to KNIT something but all the patterns that are calling my name are CROCHETED. The other day I had a moment of panic where I thought maybe I didn't know HOW to knit anymore since I have only been crocheting for the past few months. It was actually a physical panic. Sort of like how you drive a familiar route all the time on auto pilot and everything is just fine. Then one day you look around and actually think about your surroundings and you suddenly think that you must be lost because you don't recognise that tree, that house, that store etc. That's how it felt. So when I pick up my knitting again I'm going to have to come at it sideways for the first few minutes until I get my groove back. If I actually look at it or think about what I am doing I may just seize up!

Anyhow - I think I will use my World Series Blankie as my knitting project (even though it's also a bit heavier and woollier than I would prefer to work on in the summer). And I have dug through my stash for more sock yarn to crochet a hexagonal blanket with. It will be 100 percent stash yarn (I hope - I think I have enough) and this time I am using all hand dyed stuff that I got from Etsy or bloggers who dye their own yarns. All in earth tones. Fun fun fun!



Blogger Jennifer said...

That is an awesome picture!

9:19 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Veri impressed with the pictures!

4:13 PM  

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